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Lily Shipping Ltd is Bangladeshi leading independently owned Shipping Company Specializing in Ship Crew Manning Agency, Shipping Agent , Ship Chandler .

Our in-house Crew Manages are Exceedingly Qualified in screening and selecting best possible candidates for our clients’ All Type Of Vessels. Not only that, we have a team of efficient executives who are prompt in processing all certificates and documents required to conduct a smooth joining.

We served Shipping service and supply Shipping Product worldwide.Our customers are provided with superior shipping support services in Bangladesh and around the globe. Our diverse range of marine services is specifically tailored to meet our clients’ individual requirements

About Lily Shipping ltd


Bangladesh has a long-standing history as seafaring nation since British Colonial period. Based on the prosperous historical background and high demand of Bangladeshi seafarers in world market, we became encouraged to come in to being a ship manning Agent. Our company is a Government approved Agent. It is in line with national and international instrument and also ISO certified. We hold MLC -2006 certificate as well. Our team members are well experienced. They are engaged round the clock to provide world standard services for the Safe, Secure and smooth operation of Ships. We have a future plan to establish a private maritime academy to serve our valued clients exactly as per their desired standards. Our company expresses its deepest gratitude and good wishes to all of our valued client’s home and abroad whose kind cooperation contributed us to attain our aspiration.


We ensure marine crewing & HR services for all sorts of vessels. We are one of the leading crew manning agents from Bangladesh operating in various types of vessels across the globe. We have more than 10 years of experience in this particular sector. Through us you can find competent employees for a wide range of different types of vessels and purposes.


Increase employment for Bangladeshi seafarers with a view of playing a role in country’s economy and simultaneously branding Bangladesh in compliance with international instrument whereby our clients will be fully satisfied.


  • We ensure, select genuine and certified seafarers
  • We collect, examine and prepare all sorts of required documents
  • We provide world standard and competent seafarers exactly as per owner’s requirements
  • We train and prepare seafarers to deal with multi-cultural environments and work places
  • We are committed to meet up the recruiters deadlines.
  • We ensure crew welfare and their interests


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